Hi! Welcome to my Personal Beach!

Sit back, look around and get lost in the bright and beautiful sea of acrylic artwork as you stumble upon the reflection of each resin piece, like the ocean at your feet. Allow the breeze from the fresh air hit your cheek while you watch the water glisten like the sparkle of each crystal. Don’t you hear that? The birds are chirping, I think they’re saying “You are in the right place!”
I love to create beautiful, eye catching resin sculptures, geodes and acrylic pieces that demand your attention….like the beach you just thought you were at!😉

For information on commissioned pieces, please contact sales@aartstudioco.com

Why Ajeenah’s Art Studio?

Well funny story! The first letter of each word is actually my initials. Art is personal for me; it is my inspiration, my outlet and my place to express my creativity and emotion. Since this was personal for me I thought to myself why not make the name describe just that. However, it’s not just personal for me, it’s personal for the viewer too! People may see different visions or perspectives when they see my art! Often people are able to see how peaceful I am through art! They can also see objects, animals and people! Most times thats not even my intention but I love that my art inspires others and it creates imagination!

Meet the Artist

Hi there! My name is Ajeenah Sommerville and this is my late artner, coco! I am the owner of A Art Studio!

I’ve had a love for Art my entire life! Its a trait that has been passed down through from pencil to canvas! But, I wasn’t always this free in my life. I went through a very dark time for a long time. I began to steer away from art because the things I would draw were very dark and negative. I couldn’t deal with seeing my hurt on paper. Now, that I look back, it was a cry for help and no one noticed. People noticed my talent but everyone from teachers to friends did not recognize the pain I was illustrating. However, through this journey, I always noticed that I would draw random hearts or random things but I kept telling myself art just isn’t for me. Especially when everyone else would say “ you can’t make money as an artist.” “How will you survive?” “Most people don’t become famous artist until they die.”

Fast forward to now, I started running a skin care business and I noticed my passion for creating. I started noticing that I literally created every design from scratch. From the logo down to the labels and packaging. I said to myself “ I think I love the freedom of creating things and expressing my ideas and feelings in visual form. I said “What if this is it? What if this is my message from the universe? What if this has been my calling all along?” I started working with resin and I failed the first few times. But, I never gave up though. Which was how I immediately knew. I started trying new ideas and pushing myself. I became addicted to resin and acrylic pouring, it was like my hands would lead my body. Almost like my hands were the brain, instead of my actual brain. It made me so happy and I couldn’t stop watching my ideas transform into art. Today, I am such a happy and positive person. I have my days or even weeks like any ther person but I refuse to allow negative talk about my passion steer me right in the ground. We all have trials and tribulations but that’s what makes us who we are. I choose to be happy and follow my paint brush! I am stronger and I always make it a point to show that in my art. I want everyone to see struggles that lead to strength and self love in my art. It is important to me to help you all navigate through this thing called life! If I can change one life then it’s a job well done! 

Remember choose happiness! You come first! ♥️


Art is a form of therapy that relaxes the mind and allows creativity to flow. Whether you just need time to get your everyday life off your mind or you need to illustrate what your feeling!

Art also can reduce feelings of sadness and anxiety, when you’re feeling overwhelmed. It increases, self worth and self awareness.

Just imagine how you feel when you create something so cool. You feel good about yourself right? No matter what creation you make it’s a form of art and you should feel on top of the world!