Care instructions

When taking care of your precious art piece, please make sure you are not placing hot pots or any other extremely hot objects on your piece. Resin is a form of plastic and it will melt and begin to deform if it’s overheated. Also, please make sure to be be gentle with your piece, resin is durable but it’s not indestructible! Be mindful of your beautiful piece in your home, treat it with care. 

Acrylic pieces are finished with a protector so the paint will stay fresh! However, you will still need to be gentle with your art as any punctures or surface scratches will ruin the canvas!

What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy is a form of plastic that offers a glass like finish or shine to most surfaces. Epoxy is typically a two part liquid, made up of Part A which is the resin and Part B which is the hardener. Both, need to be mixed together to create a specific shape or overlay.

Are your pieces handmade?

Yes, I make every piece with care and love for my art lovers! It is important to me that each of you enjoy a one of a kind piece so that you feel as special as you are!

How do I keep my paintings clean?

The resin can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight to keep the longevity of your art.